Welcome to Peration Tech

Peration Information Technology (Peration Tech) is an emerging IT solutions company specializing on building web applications that run on Google App Engine platform (Python option). We also do mobile phone applications for the Android platform. We have narrowed down on these platforms to ensure we provide the highest value to our clients. This has also enabled us to develop great skill and talent in the areas hence boosted the quality of our solutions and the ROI for our clients.

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Why Google App Engine

  • You will scale your app automatically, and only pay for what you use (Low Cost for High Availability).
  • Your app will be powered by the same infrastructure that powers the Google services you use every day (High Reliability).
  • Web-based dashboard allowing you to customize your app's performance.

Meet our products

  • Mobile applications

    We build Mobile apps on Android and Java ME platforms which can run in over 90% of Internet enabled phones. Most of this applications connect to a server back end to store or access data and sometimes to perform heavy processing operations.

  • Web Applications

    Web applications are developed to run in web browsers. This applications are usually hosted in the Intranet or Internet and thus can be shared by people in different parts of the world. Web applications are gaining popularity over desktop based applications due to the ease of maintenance.

  • Systems Integration solutions

    We help clients solve business challenges, accelerate business innovation and create opportunities to drive high performance.

    Our Areas of expertise include:

    • Information Management
    • Technology Architecture
    • Cloud Services
    • Online Payments Integration

What is new?

  • Desktop Communicator

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    The Desktop communicator presents a unified web based platform for members of staff to share information and knowledge. The Platform broadly covers all aspects of knowledge management and aggregate information for sharing. The platform further has multiple electronic services accessible under one screen.

  • M-tiba

    Saturday, March 24, 2012

    An application that emulates human expertise in diagnosis of diseases and technical issues. The application relies on a back end knowledge base populated by experts in the respective areas. Symptoms are provided by the user via a mobile phone in an interactive way where the system sends queries to the user which he/she answers with yes or no. Based on the reply, the system applies A.I algorithms to decide the most appropriate query to ask next in order to quickly narrow down to a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, the system will recommend a solution and preventive/control measures.

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